Our Story


Our family has always been passionate about good food - the rich and delicious flavours and the sharing of good food with the people they love. It was the latter, in particular, that formed my family’s reputation for hospitality; starting with my grandfather, this reputation continued to be upheld by his sons. Of his four sons, his youngest, in particular, was drawn to the art of cooking. Growing up, he spent more time in the back kitchens of local restaurants and butcher shops, than doing homework. Cooking was his passion and a restaurant in his dream. Unfortunately, as it is in many South Asian families, this was not seen as a “real” career, and his dream remained just that - a dream.


My chacha and father immigrated to Canada. But, in this foreign country with a foreign language, food remained the one thing that connected them to their home. Wanting to share that connection with the rest of the South Asian community of Surrey, they realized their dream and opened Lighthouse Fish and Chips. Soon a household name, Lighthouse brought them unparalleled joy - sharing their love for delicious, Indian food with their community. Unfortunately, as their family grew, they sacrificed their dream for their more stable and well-paying convenience store jobs and sold away from their restaurant. And for 15 years, their dream remained a dream.

Two decades later

This dream is once again a reality. The name, “Chacha,” the Punjabi word for “uncle”, pays homage to our relationship and shared vision. The idea for Chachas was born out of my generation’s experience of growing up as “third culture kids”; and so, at Chacha’s, we meld traditional flavours and foods with modern delivery and atmosphere. But ultimately, Chacha’s is for anyone who enjoys good food in good company.